This infographic outlines 4 factors that drag down your mobile performance. You will read some interesting facts and statistics regarding mobile user usage and mobile experience.

It is estimated that a person spends 30-60 minutes per day waiting to access mobile applications. According to the infographic, the major factors affecting mobile performance are location, device type, network and content type. What is more, the infographic shows the reasons that make it hard to deliver a rich and consistent mobile experience. For example, different last mile factors such as device, OS, network, etc. create multiple performance challenges.

The poor mobile app performance results in lowering user engagement, diluting brand attraction and reduced revenues.
Furthermore, it is explained how an improved application boosts your business. For instance, the reduced time to load images contributes to higher user satisfaction and engagement. More in-depth analysis related to mobile performance in the infographic below.


Source: http://twinprime.com/4-factors-that-drag-down-your-mobile-performance/?utm_source=infographicplace&utm_medium=infograph&utm_campaign=contentamp

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