We’ve all heard of the celebrities and athletes who are notorious gamblers. Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, and Charles Barkley are only a few of the high rollers who both make and gamble millions. But we’re not talking about celebrities today – we’re talking about a different type of famous. We’re talking authority, monarchy, the presidency –we’re talking about Heads of State.

That’s right. Throughout history kings, queens and presidents, when not making war or plotting against their political rivals in the perennial power game, have loved to gamble. By nature those drawn to power are real risk takers and games of chance and skill are an inevitable draw for many. In this life-at-a glance infographic, we take a sneak peek at 12 heads of state who loved to gamble and craved the thrill of the win.


Source: https://www.planet7casino.com/blog/12-heads-of-state-who-knew-how-to-gamble/

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