We combed through 100 well-ranked blogs by hand, and made an infographic illustrating what we found. We present you with accurate data, but leave the conclusions up to you. The following infographic describes what makes the perfect blog post.

What can you deduce from these statistics? Whether you’re a casual blogger, an avid writer, or a SEO specialist; you’ll want to check this out. Your next blog post may turn out differently after seeing these stats! According to the infographic below, the average count of words per article is 1149. As for the quotation in the perfect blog post, only 22% of the articles contained quotes but more than 90% of the articles had social buttons. So, it is crucial to place social button within your blog posts.

As far as blog post title is concerned, the average title length was 50.7 characters. Furthermore, less than the half of the topics were a tutorial, guide or how-to.


Source: http://blogpros.com/blog/2014/05/makes-perfect-blog-post-infographic

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