The following infographic shows the Internet trends of 2014. The figures for smartphone users reached 30% of all mobile users. In other words, if you have not optimized your website for mobile devices, you are in a big trouble. Moreover, since the tablet shipments increased to 53% in 2013, this trend continues steadily. Consequently, more than 20% of consumer media time is on mobile. However, mobile gets only a few percents of ad spend and leaves a big opportunity for mobile ad spend growth.

Alternatively, internet advertising was estimated a growth of 16%. Logically, cyber security threats are even more intensive. Major websites such as eBay, Sony, Paypal showed us that all companies need to take their cyber security seriously. Another interesting internet trend of 2014 concerning the user-generated and shared content photo sharing increased to 50%. As for the competition between tv channels vs. YouTube, while niche content creators are finding tons of fans, tv channels are growing as fast as apps.



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