Expecting moms know they should eat nutritious foods, but they man know that low glycemic foods are very beneficial. These foods are digested more slowly and keep sugar levels steady, which may help to reduce pregnancy weight fain and the risk of gestational diabetes. And reducing these risks helps both mom and baby. Making the change lo low glycemic foods is easy with simple swaps. With this infographic, you will know hot to keep steady with low-glycemic foods. The exposed simple swaps can keep pregnant women and babies healthy.

In case you crave grains such as bagel try Irish or steel cut oatmeal. As for watermelon go for apples, plums or even orange. Try to swap white potato with zucchini or avocado.

One smart food tip provided regarding pregnant women diet by the infographic advice to prepare hard boiled eggs or dip and veggie sticks ahead of time.

Infographic: Low-Glycemic Diets

Source: http://www.nutritionnews.abbott/healthy-moms-babies/maternal-health.html

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