Here is a simple guideline that will assist you with understanding your dog’s body language in 23 various ways.

  1. If your dog keeps jumping up, mouthing, nipping and barking at you then this shows that your dog is very active.
  2. A passive dog will keep engaging with you by staring at you for a gentle pat, dropping things at your feet while at the same time licking or nudging you.
  3. A dog which is still, stares at people and has its hackles raised is assertive. Such a dog can also be
  4. An overly confident dog will hold his tail high and use both active and passive influences in getting what he wants.
  5. A dog which is alert and self-assured will focus more on his environment and can hardly be distracted from doing so.
  6. If your dog has that relaxed moisture with his whole body appearing to wag then that is a relaxed Such a dog will be easy going and will live to please you.
  7. A dog which is fearful and aggressive will appear stressed. It will also bark, lunge and growl at the slightest movement of noise around him.
  8. If your dog often sleeps with one eye open and is always anxious and worried, then he is fearful and nervous.
  9. A shy dog will often turn his body sideways and hate associating with strangers.
  10. A submissive dog will always expose his belly and admit that you are dominant over him.
  11. A dog with its ears forward with the mouth closed will show that he is alert and perhaps checking things out.
  12. A playful dog is well socialized and is always ready to play.

Calming signals (13 – 23)

A calm dog, on the other hand, will exhibit the following body language signs; kneeling on the two front legs, tilting the head, stretching as it to greet you, squatting with one front leg raised, blinking the eyes while shaking the ears, scratching the body from side to side, giving the whale eye look, yawning and acting sleepy when not tired, panting when not thirsty, licking the lips when there is no food and having the ears straight with the eyes really focused on something.


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