Whether you bet on roulette, scratch cards, sports, slots, or poker online or in casino gambling addiction can interfere with work, lead to financial catastrophe, and strain relationships. Acknowledging and recognizing the problem is the first step. So, this infographic explores the gambling addiction problem and describes how to play without turning addicted. Briefly, gambling addiction is a type of impulsive control disorder. The infographic provides information about the profile of a compulsive gambler. Besides, you can read the history of gambling addiction.

According to this infographic, gambling addiction can have genetic causes. It seems that identical twins who used to gamble were way more likely to have a twin who developed a gambling addiction than non-identical twins. What is more, unique factors contribute to health problems like depression and insomnia among compulsive gamblers.

Read on the full gambling addiction infographic below to check if gambling is a problem for you.



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