Thousands of workers suffer from eye injuries every week that can lead to permanent damage or a loss of vision. Occupational and industrial eye injuries are a common occurrence, ranging from eye strain to eye disease and thermal burns. It is the employer and safety manager’s responsibility to protect workers from hazards and eye protection should not be overlooked!

This infographic explores the different components of eye safety in the workplace including ways to prevent injuries and the right PPE for protecting the eyes. Learn OSHA requirements and what to do in case an eye injury occurs in your facility; stay safe and empower employees to protect themselves from common workplace eye hazards.

According to the infographic, 90% of on-the-job eye injures could be avoided if workers wore eye protection. One million Americans have lost some degree of their sight due to an eye injury. 90% of the injures to workers wearing protection resulted from objects or chemicals going around or under the protector.

If you are working in an area that has particles, flying objects, or dust, you must wear safety glasses with side protection (side shields).

Read this great and informative infographic about eye injures in the workplace and stay safe at work.


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