Does Size Really Matter When it Comes to Engagement Ring Diamonds? Most Girls would agree that size matters, but it is so much more than what you think.

The cut of a diamond or the proportions makes all the difference in the world when choosing a diamond. A diamond can look big, but be improperly cut and, therefore, be dull. To see brilliance and fire in a diamond, the diamonds cut is of greatest value.

So, while some would argue that a big diamond engagement ring is what a girl wants, we would suggest to look a little deeper and go for quality, fire, and brilliance.
This infographic shows valuable information about diamonds such as diamond components and cut definitions. As stated in the infographic, the main diamond components are the table, pavilion, girdle, culet, and crown.

Furthermore, cut refers to the geometric proportions of the gem. When evaluating the cut of a diamond. Moreover, some core characteristics should be considered.


Source: https://www.jrjewelers.com/promo-images/engagement-ring-infographic.jpg?d=2015-11-16

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