So you’ve been tasked by the suits to move the entire company from your current building to the shiny, brand new one they just inked a deal on.

And the best part? You have exactly one year to plan for it.

Instead of “oh, great”, your first thought should be – it’s “GO” time.

Planning and executing an office or company relocation is no joke. If you’ve never been involved in the process, in other words, if you’re a complete company-moving-newbie, you need to pay close attention. This type of project is one that you’ll need every bit of that year (experts recommend planning 9-18 months out if possible) to get ready for.

The infographic below, brought to you courtesy of the best relocation specialists in the business, MyOffice, have laid out in mind-blowing detail, every single thing you’re going to encounter during an office or building relocation project. It covers everything from pre-planning to final execution, and if you’re in a position where you need to start thinking about exactly how you’re going to get this project accomplished, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Take 10 minutes to study this work of art, which is basically a visual crash-course in office relocation, and you’ll go from losing sleep to office-moving pro overnight.



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