You are planning to propose to your partner and you have been thinking for a long while about the type of engagement ring that he/she would want. It is quite a big decision, so if you are unsure of the ring specifics that you are after, this handy guide is perfect for you. To help you choosing the best engagement ring this infographic contains numerous facts and stats related to the decision-making process.

For example, it is estimated that 87% of brides prefer diamonds to other stones on their rings. Besides, 4 out of 5 rings are paid for by the bride’s partner. The overall design of the ring is viewed as the most important aspect of deciding on a engagement ring.

Asking the right questions when choosing a ring is crucial part of the decision-making process. Is the jeweller certified? What type of band should you pick? How much should you be willing to spend?

Furthermore, there are 4 main characteristics used to determine the value of diamonds. What is more, the infographic explains more about the importance of diamond shapes. The infographic also shows the types of engagement ring bands and their main characteristics.



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