Almost in all the countries, you’ll find mosquitoes. These small flying pests are responsible for spreading some serious diseases like dengue, malaria etc. No one wants them in their house. We try our lock our house, so they can’t enter, but they always find a way in. It’s not like; there is no solution of these mosquitoes. There are various products available which help us to fight against them. These are not much costly, and they work great whether we want to kill mosquitoes or to repel them away from our house.

But, there’s a catch!

These mosquito repelling or killing products contain chemicals which are harmful to our health, and also for our pets. We can’t use such products for a long time. But, there’s a solution to this problem. There are various plants which you can easily grow in your garden that works great to repel mosquitoes. These are natural, and don’t affect our health in a bad way, even some plants can be used in food to add flavor. Some of these plants are the key ingredients in various mosquito repelling creams. You can safely use them in your home; it’ll be cheaper than buying products from stores.



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