Certain things we do and habits we follow will harm the inner organs of our human body. The heart is also not an exception. Different actions that are present in our routine works, food items we intake and bad habits we follow will put our heart at risk. In this infographic are described such 12 things which we are doing that lead to certain heart problems.

The habits we need to avoid to keep our heart healthy includes seating for a long time, having a boring menu, Consuming more alcohol, feeding our mind with different thoughts, Ignoring the flossing, Ignoring the medicines which are taken regularly, Skipping fat burning, Regular intake of red meat, Smoking & Passive smoking, Taking salt in an excessive manner and Ignore the physical signs like throat pain, a sensation of heart burning at times.

It is sure that if we keep our body active by doing physical exercises, we can get rid of certain factors like stress, setting in a seat for times and keeping fat which causes heart diseases.


Source: http://jithyadoctorsportal.blogspot.in/2018/03/12-habits-which-cause-heart-diseases.html

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