Most celebrities, models, professional stylists, and even photographers prefer airbrush makeup because of the incredibly unique looks that it creates. A high-quality airbrushing kit normally comes with a steep price tag, around $200 or more, but the results it gives make it a worthy investment. This infographic will tell you more about its impressive capabilities and how you can find the best kit for yourself.

What is an Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a new way of enhancing one’s look that requires a spray gun loaded with a small amount of makeup specifically designed for it. Some airbrush kits, however, allow you to dilute your desired makeup so you can use it with the spray gun. Once the airbrush gun is loaded, make sure to hold it a few inches away from your face before starting to spray. Doing so will result in a fine coating that stays on for up to 12 hours with little to no retouch necessary.

How to Find the Best Airbrushing Kit

There are numerous airbrushing kits available today. A good kit will have the following:

1 – Compressor unit that pushes the air out to spray the makeup onto the skin;

2 – Airbrush stylus that you hold to spray the makeup, but comes in single- or dual-action;

3 – And Bottle/Gravity-fed airbrush that you load in the gun.

Bottom Line

Airbrush makeup is a worthy investment for those who always use makeup. The most popular airbrush makeup brands are Temptu, Dinair, and Luminess. Airbrush makeup systems usually cost under $200, but the results they create are worth it.



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