Everyone knows that reading is important. We’ve been programmed since childhood to read and learn through reading books. We study textbooks to pass exams and get good grades in school, college, and university. But what I find funny is that after our studies, most of us just stop reading. In other words, we stop learning. This is a bigger issue than you think. We learn more after than we do during our formal studies.

So why do so many people stop reading books? Is it a stigma that we learn what we need to from school and after that we just implement? Or maybe most of us don’t know the true value of books. Most of us still read. We read social media, we read on the internet, we read when words come out on the television. I do think that reading is something everyone can do more of. If you know the true value of reading, you’d probably buy a book every month, minimum. What is so compelling about reading books? Why are some people addicted to books?

Here are 10 reasons why reading is important and why you should really consider taking up a book and making it a habit right now.



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