Turkish delight is perhaps one of the most cherished cultural foods in history. Widely consumed and loved around the world, its taste and flavour sing of Middle Eastern mystery – and now you can recreate it at home! This recipe makes a great gift or just a gelatin gree(vegan) snack. Be sure to share with anyone with a sweet tooth. This infographic shows what ingredients you need and how to prepare the Turkish delight. There are seven quick, easy steps to go about the process in the making and a cute blend of few ingredients to make the preparation complete.

At first, you would not like memorizing it, so be sure you have these tips with you so will not miss out anything and damage your recipe. Later on, when you keep on doing such dish, you will get used to and even become creative with thinking on what could be other alternatives to have an even more yummy taste. Not only that, but you can also make money out from this. Why not sell and make your customers taste as well a Turkish delight? You do introduce not only the food but also the culture in its broader sense.



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