Driving safety has always been a priority to the industry and every single driver despite the fact that we cannot control the other people or happenings. Every minute thousand of car accidents come and go around the world. The following infographic provides driving safety tips for all getaway driving beginners. This infographic is a guide that shows the top 10 getaway vehicles and some essential getaway modifications.

Whether it is the daily commute or a trip from A-to-B, you never know when you might need to evade a villain. While we do not condone dangerous driving, this fun infographic digs into the many ways you could make the perfect getaway. When times get tough on the road, there are a very specific set of vehicles that come out on top – choose wisely and escape to safety every time. Your vehicle will only get you so far – there is always a faster car on the road. You will need to get inventive with your upgrades.



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