During hot season, many people escape from the sweltering temperature by taking a splash in their swimming pools. Pools can be a great aquatic playground, but they can be a big source of water consumption if you don’t pay enough attention. Furthermore, some factors of rapid water loss and uncontrolled increase of water bills include leaks, splash from boisterous water play, and water-intensive cleaning of DE and sand filters.

Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources, and it is our duty to make sure that we make use of it in the most efficient ways. Keep in mind that water won’t be available all the time, so the smart use of water should be practised. Moreover, there are few simple ways on how you can save your swimming pool from excessive water loss.

To provide you useful tips and information on how to conserve water on your pool property, here’s an infographic from Australian Spas and Pools, Melbourne’s leading swimming pool construction and renovation company.


Source: http://www.australianspasandpools.com.au/

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